Insurance Services

We can insure against anything these days : loss of income, car accidents,
personal theft, our health and those of our pets. You can even insure yourself against the unlikely chance of being struck by lightning or abducted by aliens – strange, but true. There is no shortage of things you can protect in your life.
But do you need every insurance policy out there? Do you know which ones
are best suited for your lifestyle?

Our Pillar6 Insurance group will help you identify risks that can realistically
and significantly disrupt your lifestyle, rank them in order of importance and
make recommendations to create a comprehensive safety net for you and
your loved ones.

Do you do the same with your finances?

We can work with your existing insurance advisors to implement our recommendations, or you can use Pillar6 Benefits & Insurance Services to handle all of your insurance needs in-house. However you choose, you’ll be in good hands.

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